Easter Egg Guild

Our Journey to Greatness in Web3

Easter Egg Guild is committed to being the destination for elite gamers and thought leaders in Web3. Our strategy is to compete and win at the highest levels. We understand this requires recruiting, training, and equipping the best scholars, investing in the best in-game assets, adding value to existing Web3 games, and supporting emerging Web3 game ecosystems.

Income for Scholars

We aim to invest in games and have the assets scholars need to compete, win and generate income. This is the primary entry point into the Easter Egg Guild.

Web 3 E-Sports Hosting

Our guild is committed to expanding e-sports in Web3 with a focus on expanding play-to-earn adoption in the Western Hemisphere. We host competitions and tournaments, and aim to be the training ground for the world's best Web3 players.

Web3 Game Development

We aim to build game experiences that supplement existing games and add utility to the NFTs players and scholars already own. Scholars and other guild members have an opportunity to earn additional income helping Easter Egg build these experiences.

Economic and Legal Research

Our guild seeks to contribute to the Web3 ecosystem by ensuring scholars and game developers have access to the same research available to developers and investors in Web2. Scholars have an opportunity to make additional income and build their own expertise and reputation in Web3 by contributing to this work and learning from experts in this space.

Content Creation

We expect and compensate senior guild scholars to participate in content creation and community engagement on Telegram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Discord. This helps us share our learnings and bolsters the value we can add to Web3 game developers.

Education and Workforce Development

We pay scholars who contribute to our work to educate and onboard new people to Web3. We believe Web3 gaming is an excellent resource to help introduce young people to computer science and the fundamentals of blockchain. We also believe Web3 will create a variety of new jobs and gaming is a great way to onboard people new to the industry.

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