BUILDING THe Guild for Champions

The Guild For Elite Web3 Gaming

We train, equip, and reward elite players to thirve in the Web3 gaming space. 

Accepting Axie Infinity Scholars Now!

Axie Infinity Scholar Application

Dominating Web3 Competitive Play

Easter Egg Labs are building a Web 3 gaming guild for elite players. We offer above market revenue splits for high performing scholars. 

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What Is Easter Egg Labs?

Easter Egg Labs (EEL) manages a guild for Web3 Gaming which will eventually be decentralized to a DAO. Easter Egg Labs is also developing its own NFT and gaming projects

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Building in Web3

We believe in Web3. We support and build tools, and services to accelerate the adoption of the Web3 ecosystem with an emphasis on gaming.

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Crypto Gaming Guild for Elite Players

We are building the guild for top tier players in Web3 gaming. We also host e-sports tournaments and programing to help drive Web3 gaming adoption and build the culture.

Investing in Crypto Assets

We invest in crypto assets relating or adjacent to Web3 gaming.

Easter Egg In Games Building Sustainable Economies and Fun E-Sports Play

Maximize your Earnings & Build Community With Easter Egg

Why Join Easter Egg Guild

Quality Gaming Assets

We expect our scholars to win. We equip them with branded top tier gaming assets to maximize their revenue.

24/7 Communication

We have paid full time managers who play the game themsleves. This ensures you have everthing you need to play at a high level.

Business and Gaming Coaching

We want our scholars to b successful and build in the Web3 even if they decide to move on. All of our scholars get gaming and business coaching.

Great Compensation

Up to 50/50 splits for top performing scholars. There are opportunities to earn additional payouts for content creation, training other scholars, and other activities.

Career Development for Managers

Guild Managers are full-time, on-site employees of the Guild. Management opportunities are available for high-performing scholars.


We are building and championing culture in Web3 gaming. We put our scholars out front creating opportunities for you to grow your reputation in Web3.

Easter Egg Team

Christian Pearson

Blockchain Since 2020. Blockchain and Business Finance Professor at Stillman College and Product Policy at Google. Favorite Play-to-Earn Games: Axie Infinity, Crypto Raiders, and Nifty League.